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2.55 - "Solid" 

Image taken for a brewery company two weeks ago, for promoting the beer and the restaurants that they have.

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Jedd Tyler's picture

damn, that looks like a good burger

Matias Jorquera's picture

And it was!!

Luca Groenendijk's picture

that's a cool perspective dude!

Matias Jorquera's picture

;) Thanks!

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Images like this are tough for me to rate because on one hand, it's a perfectly well staged, lit and executed photograph with a cool 1st-person perspective, but I hate pictures of 'ugly food'. As a photographer you should be proud, and I apologize if you're ALSO the food stylist, but this is why we need food stylists.

The burger is WAY too small for the bun in both dimensions, there's almost no onions in there, just dangling. 1 visible tomato, bun looks flat. I assume that this is just the burger they gave you to work with and you did a GREAT job with it in my opinion.

But they should also spring for the food stylist.

EDIT: I rated the image for the image and not the burger to be fair to you ;)

Matias Jorquera's picture

Thanks for the critique Matthew! I'm not a food stylist and we didn't have one that day :)

I agree in some points with you, we could have get a better placed burger, but that one day photoshoot was more focused on a little bit of everything of the beer company and not just food (Installations, beers, people, production, restaurant, bar) to get content for their social media, so we had to run.

I personally think that this photo came out really good, and the burger, oh man! was delicious, big and the bun even bigger, just look how small the hands look :)

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

No doubt a great shot! You did good!

Matias Jorquera's picture

Thanks :)