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2.51 - "Solid" 
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Dan Kabanuck's picture

This is awesome. Isn't this from the tutorial?

Kaleb McCubbins's picture

Great image!

Only negative bits for me is the highlight in the middle of the cap cuts into the words, if there was more diffusion for the light hitting that section would have created a lovely gradient instead of such as sharp one. As I Like how that light is impacting the label. Only other negative thing is the bottom of the bottle having the ECO 1 or what ever still there. Doesn't look like branding, and I find distracting? Minor stuff, love this shot though!!

jonnschlemayer's picture

Hey Josh, I gave your image 3 stars.

I wonder if you swap the background? But in any case forgot to add a final layer with grain. The gradients aren't smooth enough to not get that grain. Don't really like the noise in the shadows either.

The composition is good. :)

The falloff, of the rim lights, are in my opinion a bit wide. The black stripe, in the middle (on the lower end of the bottle) have some disturbing lines and there is some text at the lowest part as well. Both are easy to remove.

The top and label shows some light not visible on the rest of the bottle. I see why, but I wonder if there wasn't some other way to resolve this on.

I would add one more exposure where you accentuate the label. That is after all the most important part.