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Brief: To get a cover shot for the Royal Air Forces 95th anniversary brochure for 41(R)Squadron along with some images to illustrate articles contained within it, with a 1hr air/air sortie from the rear seat of a Hawk from 100(R)Sqn.

An air/air sortie starts in the briefing room. Myself and both pilots talk through what shots we all want and how they can be achieved, what fuel we will need, navigation points etc. A vertical shot like this difficult to pull off largely because both aircraft types are different, with the Hawk being considerably less powerful. The best way to achieve this was for both aircraft to perform a loop, with the Hawk entering the manoeuvre first and the Tornado catching up to it. We had to calculate what speed we would need to be doing, what fuel and G-force that would take, where the aircraft had to start pulling and where we could do that over the UK, not to mention where the Sun would be to actually light the aircraft.

This is the end result of all that planning.

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Chase Wilson's picture


Graham Taylor's picture

Thanks Chase :)

Marc Castellanos's picture

This is probably one of the coolest airplane shots I've ver seen in here and the editing is on point.
Awesome job

Graham Taylor's picture

Really appreciate that Marc, thank you!

Nancy Kirkpatrick's picture

Love it. It has real punch!! The soft bands of color in the sky are an amazing contrast to the geometry of the jet. Good use of opposites to tell the story! Cool.

Graham Taylor's picture

Thank you Nancy!

natasha's picture

Mega awesomeness!

Graham Taylor's picture

Thanks Natasha!