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2.04 - "Needs Work" 

View of New York City, with altered perspective.

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Eric Wilson's picture

At first thought just a simple tilt-shift in post, but in closer look it's a more subtle arrangment of disfocus along certain building-top lines. Nicely done. 👏

Adam Stevenson's picture

Thank you. Also straightened the verticals to make it feel a little more like a model.

Logan Baker's picture

I think that people who are voting this as a one or two are not picking up on the subtlety. Plus it's just a cool looking photo.

Adam Stevenson's picture

Thanks, I have to admit I was a little surprised. Maybe I should have said more in the description but I prefer to let things speak for themselves....

Matthew Davidson's picture

Please explain. I feel like I'm missing something here. It looks to me like you've painted in some blur around the sides? Is this a special technique?

Adam Stevenson's picture

Sure, the blurring is to recreate a bit of 'tilt-shift' look, so that the image looks like a model, or toy. I have also straightened the vertical lines of the buildings so that they are vertical in the image to help with the feel. I have tried not to overdo the effect.
Sometimes the effect is added to by increasing colour saturation and extracting some more detail, but I have also kept this to a minimum as the scene has a lot going on already.

Adam Stevenson's picture

Hope that helps!

Taylor MacDonald's picture

I think the reason it looks like a snap shot is the sharp line where the image transitions from tac Sharp, to completely blurry. But it’sa cool location!

Adam Stevenson's picture

Ok, I see what you mean. I think the shot I chose was a bit too complicated to do this effect easily as there are so many different planes of depth, and some transitions would look like that as the next object is considerably further away. Thanks for the comment - it's really helpful to get others' perspectives.