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2.51 - "Solid" 
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1 Comment

The tower's main light source seems to be coming from the right? (hard to tell, as it's very soft thanks to the clouds.. But you can tell a little on the boxes just below the fish, the right sides are slightly brighter and the right sight seems to have a few more/brighter highlights)

While the light source of the fish seems to be more from above and to the left. (the right side of the fish is quite dark. The highlight in the eye is in the top, the top of the fish's body is lit, etc)

It's hard to make things look good if the lighting doesn't match up. Also not helped by the incredible amount of detail and bits in the tail of the fish which is very hard to cut out as it is.

Some good stuff though, the burning of the shadows on the tower where the fish is and such.