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2.71 - "Solid" 

Horseshoe Falls, Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania. Australia. Misty conditions over the waterfall with the suns rays penetrating through the rain forest and capturing the mist. Captured after heavy rainfall, causing more water over the falls than usual. Taken on DSLR 1 x 1.5 sensor. f/32, ISO100, 28mm, 2 second exposure, Manual mode.

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Jeena Paradies's picture

I think I could give the photo a 3 but the editing brings it down to a 2. I don't think the black and white works and I really dislike the hideous watermark and the 3d border. Again the picture itself seems to have been beautiful, the editing sadly not so much :(

Davin Edridge's picture

This is how photographs were presented before digital photography existed, white borders (for negative photos and black borders for cibachrome prints) and mount board surrounds. Photography is subjective, unless you are being paid for it, and photo editing is the same. As for how you rate my work, is irrelevant to me, as I like it the way it is at this point in time, and I may change it in the future, (much easier to do then the old days in the dark room). For me, watermarks are there to identify, that I am the photographer, I have used many different designs over the years, but at the end of the day, it is there for my purposes.

Mark Hallett's picture

Hey, really great photo but I don't get why you are entering these contests if any feedback is irrelevant to you. That's the whole idea of these contests.