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Community Avg
1.6 - "Needs Work" 

Apparition - Shot at night with the model in some local hills, it's challenging doing a nude photoshoot outdoors and even more so doing it in pitch black lighting conditions on a hillside. Luckily no one was injured and we got some great photos, this was taken with a flash.

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Deleted Account's picture

Unpleasant in just about every aspect.

Dave Rech's picture

The lighting in this shot is not very flattering to the model. It seems to harsh just bellow her breasts and the rest is uneven. I am not a model photographer, preferring the solitude of the stars, but from a general observers view it needs work especially with the lighting. Play with white balances, use flash gels, softly lighten up the background.
Just my opinion.

Samantha Bunns's picture

Oh, hun, snapshot, most definitely. Please don't tell me you used on-camera speedlight. Pose is not interesting. Surrounding is not interesting. This wreaks of GWC. A current rating of 1.61 is too generous.

davidlovephotog's picture

Your pics appear to be more about just getting a girl naked than trying to create something artistic. You should really take the time to learn photography before asking women to be nude for bad pics. Hopefully you're trying to get better and not just posting to brag about how many women you've seen nude. It's not fair for someone to trust in a photographer and then have these results scattered all over the web forever of them. I never post anything the model hasn't posted before me, then I know they are happy with the results.

George Popescu's picture

God, you're dense, so much judgment from one photo, you should get into doing horoscopes for people and guessing their future.

The model is a pro nude model who was paid for the photo shoot, just as I assume your models are.

She's not some random naked woman found in a forest. LOL

davidlovephotog's picture

I meant all your images and no I don't pay models, they pay me, because of my work in trying to create something artistic. Paying someone just get nude for the purpose of seeing them nude doesn't work for me.

Curious why your website is food and clothed pics but you chose this site to upload all nudes too.

George Popescu's picture

Well if you're making money with their images you probably "should" pay your models, but that's neither here nor there. And you hit the nail on the head with the word "Trying", while your photos are very manipulated they are far from "artistic" in the true sense of the word.

As for nudes this photo you took is very sexualized even though the model is not "nude" per se however there's no mistaking the purpose of the shot:

Last but not least at least I got a working website, I'm sure Instagram is famous and so on but where's your "real" website?

Also just noticed the only link you got is to a PATREON website where you peddle 18+ Adult imagery of a female

You actually sell ADULT content of models in lingerie and who knows what else and you're here lecturing me about taking nude photos of professional models that are being paid to pose!


davidlovephotog's picture

Now I understand. You're just not too bright. People hire me to shoot their ideas regardless of what they are. I don't pay models to let me take amateur nudes of them and maybe you don't have them on your "website" is because you know it's a bit shady. Being on my Instagram you probably noticed the 36.9k followers which is why I don't need a website where I post the same shots. I don't even post the sexier images I take, the models do on theirs.

One of them I'm partnered with on Patreon where if you use foul language your account is marked 18+. I doubt you'd know any of this since your goals stop at naked girl in bad lighting.