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Alone in the desert, and yet, I don't feel lonely here.⠀

This photo has been taken in the Abu Dhabi desert. This photo has been done using a tracker for the sky, and combined with the foreground when the moon was still out.

Camera: Sony A7III⠀
Lens: Tamron 17-28mm⠀
Star Tracker: Vixen Polarie⠀

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I love the landscape but the person on top of the hill kills it for me. Push the person of the hill and you have an awesome landscape shot

Hello Kevin! Thank you for your comment! Yes there is always a lot of debate about this. There are two kinds of photographers, the ones that try to remove all people, and the one that try to add them no matter what. :)

Here actually it was a big effort to make sure that (spoiler alert) me dressed with the local arabic dress was right looking to jupiter to make a meaningful composition.

Also doing the lighting was a mess too, it was very flat and with yellow color cast all over

Respect !! I love the concept that's for sure. But the lighting looks a bit confusing for me. Shadows of the hills. In the back totally shadow, then the lighting on you. I guess because of the dodging and burning???. Nonetheless i like it, because i don't have the skills to make it like that. Therefore Respect..

Yes definitely some artificial light is coming from the back too (from the camera) just to make the subject not just a silhouette, but then definitely that creates a weird lighting that makes the foreground actually brighter (you see this in so many milky way photo all over internet where it looks like the photographer used the built-in flash in the camera).

So fixed dodging and burning in a way that the foreground is darker and it looks like light is coming from the sky (trendy look nowadays eheh).

But I agree with you, it's a bit confusing. Reality is that to get these details of the Milky Way, we go out it's just pitch dark.