The Amazingly Talented 19 Year Old Nirrimi

The Amazingly Talented 19 Year Old Nirrimi

A few nights ago I was introduced to the work of Nirrimi. After reading her bio, I was floored to discover this photographer hasn't even lived two decades yet and has already shot major campaigns for companies like Diesel and Billabong. Her story is very inspirational, and makes me think that maybe I have been playing things too safe with my own career, maybe I should take some chances. If we fall on our face, we can always pick ourselves back up.

At the age of 16 she ran away from home to pursue a love interest, not only with a boy, but with photography. They traveled all over, as she won awards for her photography, and became the youngest agency represented fashion photographer yet. Soon she shot the fall/winter 2010 Diesel Jeans campaign and the next year she shot a campaign for Billabong. She has been published in Vogue Italia, Australian Vogue, Elle, and Nylon just to name a few. All of this and more from someone just shy of 20 years of age. I found her story to be truly inspiring, and her photos are gorgeous.

Check out her portfolio here, or follow her blog here.

















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Congratulations to the photographer for her success. All of these these pictures look exactly like every ordinary candid photo ever taken between 1970 and 1978  that were created with a shitty Kodak Instamatic or a $12.00 Polaroid camera. I guess every 30-40 year old Art Director is feeling nostalgic because I am seeing this style every where. I am now going to start researching the photo style of the 1980's to get ahead of the curve so that I can look like a genius in the near future.


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Im not sure what Instamatic or Polaroid camera you were shooting with but must've taken great quality images! Would love to see them!

I'm tired of coming to the comments section of every FStoppers post these days just to find the daily nay-sayers. I'm pretty sure if you go back and look at fashion photography from the last 15-20 years you'll find pretty similar stuff because, you know what? Split toning and color grading are nothing new. Just because it's easily accessible to the masses these days doesn't take away from the fact that, when it's done well, it looks gorgeous and sells products.

FStoppers should have a post called "Instagram Split Toning" where they go over all the different vintage styles and then allow everyone to complain about how over used they are so we don't have to deal with them in EVERY single post. I'm tired of discussions about the "over-use" of color grading becoming the ONLY topic of discussion these days.

Nirrimi has successfully made a career for herself in fashion photography and I applaud both her photos and her success.

MY point is very simple, which is that ,"everything old is new again". You are taking this to another level. I did not criticize her as an artist or her work or the style that she chose to use.I do not think the style is bad or good only that it is ubiquitous. What is most interesting to me is the photographer's personal story, which I too applauded if you read my very first sentence. In fact I would like FS to do an interview of her to hear how she was able to accomplish what she has done because it is amazing.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot the camera was a Kodak 110 Instamatic . My parents have a few boxes  filled with images that look just like this style, I think the film was Kodachrome.

But is the story of the person behind the camera really supposed to influence the quality of the actual photo? Lets pretend some 42yr old plumber posted these on flickr? Would people be praising his artistic style or would agencies be trying to lure him away from his day job as an accountant? Probably not. But the story behind these photos is that the girl is a runaway and therefore her photos are being treated as "special" simply because of the photographers story.

Maybe it is. Look at all the attention this story is getting. Is it art, is it the artist,or is it her story and is one influencing the other... I don't know.

I really dig this work. It's a style that emulates film, yes, but it's clean and much more

But that's not the reason why I like it. It's obvious in the way she shoots that she has a very good understanding of how to put people in a scene, and compose around the person. She knows how to get the mood right, she knows how to get the light right, she even knows (the most difficult) how to get the colour right.

Compared to a lot of old mates out there (most notably the recent article on Alexandre Descha-i-forget-the-rest who has almost no visible talent and just uses the saturation slider), this girl knows how to shoot. It's one of the only decent, interesting photosets I've seen on this site in a while.

(and I honestly don't give a shit about whether it looks like Instamatic or Polaroid?)

People see what they want to see and are free to like or not like what they want. The only opinion that should matter to you is your own.

I agree, Congrats on what she was able to accomplish, But most of her work is just snap shots..I dont get it??? Should I just start taking snap shot an I can fulfill  my dream of becoming a fashion Photographer  

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 To be fair, if a 42 year old plumber shot these photos, I might be more blown away... Just saying.

That's funny.

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plumbers do accounting now? who knew

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Wow. They must have had some really great amateurs taking candids in the 80's, huh. Funny that when I look through people's albums in those days and I don't see anything that look as good as these?

That is because you are looking in the wrong decade.  I said this look has a 70's style. Misreading often leads to a misunderstanding.  You also missed, that I congratulated the photographer on her success and I then made a subtle humorous comment about this current trendy ubiquitous style of photography. Unlike you I did not come her looking for a fight to hate on the "haters", all that I did was add a commentary to the most recent flood of similar style work here on FS. If you love this style of work then good for you. If I don't then that should be fine as well. Right?

 Haters gonna ????

lol @ people who constantly bash on the style, everyone can sit at their computer and go "I could shoot that" but fact is you didn't.

Actually, a lot of people shoot like that. They just dont know it was considered "professional" quality.

BTW. Im not slamming the photographer because fashion photography is that area where even the most crooked and out of focus shot can be considered "art". But it does feel like that Reeses Peanut Butter cup commercial where they showcase these models in two-tone dresses (chocolate and peanut butter) and your initial reaction is "omg, thats hideous", but then they show it was designed by a 14yr old and youre like "oh... good for her. such talent for such a young girl". 

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I can agree that creamy highlights can be very monotonous. But i prefer these tones compared to most over saturated shots that comes out of digital today.

Cut her some slack, she's a good photographer. What probably annoys people here more, is that the photographers that have been featured lately, all have very similar style to their photos.

 She is only 20 and her work is already very good. I can only imagine the quality of her work when she evolves both personally and professionally- so-go girl!! God speed!

I back it.  People are featured on this website to create inspiration for others, and because the people running this site have found that person interesting.  Last time I checked, we're all "artists" in one way or another.  If you're on here hating on some one else's photos, you're probably jealous.  Art is art, and just because you're not making money or being recognized, doesn't mean someone else shouldn't.  If you're not bringing something new to the table, and/or you're not up to date on what is selling and what is not, you're probably not doing much business, and you should probably work for someone rather than yourself.  So, instead of hating and being jealous, why not take it as inspiration and motivation, and go get yourself recognized somewhere.  It'll probably feel good.

My name is Drew Martin, and here's my work:  
instagram hub: @drew_martin_photography 

Usually I'm kinda sceptical when I read a title saying 'amazingly talented', but this series is truly humbling, especially considering her age and what she's accomplished already. I especially like the one in the library, it's really quite comical. Nicely executed and styled.

Could you tone down the sensationalistic headlines, please?

When you go to her website and the first thing you see is "Age nineteen," you know it's compensating for maybe real talent.

If you say "it's good for her age," what you're trying to say is it sucks but because she's young, it doesn't suck that much.

true indeed. she may have talent I don't know. either way more knowledge and experience can only add to whatever natural talent that she has.

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No I said it's remarkable what she's accomplished at her age. Art is subjective, and I find her photography to be beautiful. You'll also notice on her site she organizes it by her age she shot them. I don't think she is trying to compensate for anything. Denying that this girl has talent is kind of ridiculous... The amount of work she has done for the clients she has speaks a lot for her talent, whether you appreciate it or not.

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Professionalism is when somebody pays you. Seems someone is paying her, so she gets intio the club as far as I am concerned.

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 No, that would be 'Profession'.

Sorry, i can be wrong , but to me, i see nothing amazing, it looks like iphone pictures with instagram.
Her pictures are not bad at all, but they are not one of kind. How can major companys can hire her?

I think the main issue is that of the three or four articles a day on Fstoppers, at least one of them will contain images with this type of "Instagram" processing. There's really nothing new, interesting, or exciting about them.