The Elements of An On-Location Fashion Shoot With Tim Coburn

Photographer Tim Coburn takes us along on his commercial and lifestyle shoot in Ocean City, Maryland.  View behind the scenes as he scouts locations before the shoot and how he troubleshoots with unexpected weather. Shooting a beach scene and don’t have a bright sunny day?  See how to use clouds as your own natural soft box. Using only a 4x7 panel reflector, Tim demonstrates the advantages of simple lighting while incorporating shadows for texture while letting his model’s movement come alive on set.  See the post below to learn more and see the final images.

Gear Used:

The final images:

OceanCity wCatherine12902-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine13018-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine13176-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine13690-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine13736-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine13781-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine14449-Edit
OceanCity wCatherine14634-Edit
Tim's website:
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Shlomi Amiga's picture

Nice, fun and light. I like the results.

I have to say though that the way this video is cut is quite confusing. The photographer is trying to explain his techniques and methods of shooting but then the transitions the video editor chose to use look like flash that is in the scene. Not the best for someone who is a visual learner. Just sayin'.

Douglas Sonders's picture