A Fashion Shoot Taken Entirely On A Scanner Bed

A Fashion Shoot Taken Entirely On A Scanner Bed

When shooting fashion, the last thing that comes to mind is probably using the scanner as your camera of choice. Henry Hargreaves decided to use this medium for this set. Although this concept is not necessarily new, it's always fun seeing everyone's interpretation with the medium. Included are also some behind the scenes shots of the process as well.

You can also check out more scanner based photography here from the flickr spotlight we had last month.









[Via My Modern Met]

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That is just wild, gives me some great ideas for some old scanners that I know about.It just goes to show that photography is a never ending art form, and that no idea that produces a print or image with the desired effect is out of range. Again great job! I love the write up on the technique.

wow look at that bokeh haha!

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looks like she was having sex in the office... =)

So there are no photographers?



 yea but yours sucks

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So did i,btw

Not impressed but would like to see her bun print!

that's pretty awesome :D see, not entirely used for ass prints :P