Picture Perfect Fashion Shoot in China

Picture Perfect Fashion Shoot in China

Each of us have particular photographers who we follow and are absolutely mind blown each time they post work. Matthieu Belin is one of those photographers on my list. His work has been published in Vogue, GQ, Elle, Surface, Life and Bazaar as well as many other well known publications and advertising campaigns. This latest shoot done in Anhui Village, China is just one more example of the incredible work Belin continues to create. 

"Working with images echoes my desire to understand the world around me and its people. Each element is essential in the process of capturing photos as an art form, playing with the interdependence of light, time and contemplation. Exploring consciousness through the eye of possibility, I am unendingly fascinated by the mysteries of form and the surprising secrets they can unveil." - Matthieu Belin [website]

Pictures shot by Belin with Hasselblad H4D / 50 for LIFE Magazine.

[Via Behance / Anhui Village, China | Life Magazine ]


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Relzlife Ho-Shing's picture

Wow, i like the fashion/styling

discursus's picture

amazing, both photography and styling

Paul Hance's picture

These images are dope. Cloths look like they are from Vega Wang a young Chinese fashion designer. Her outfits are amazing. Also I like Matt work. Been admiring his work for a year now. 

trevor beaty's picture

Nice set of images. I particularly like the photo against the wall where her white face contrasts with her shadow to create a yin yang sort of effect.

just... WOW

RUSS's picture

I wonder which iphone app they used,,,(kiddingggggg)
NOW THESE photographs are awesome stuff!


Stephen Vosloo's picture

Just threw my camera down the stairs. Thank you for that.

Finally a bad ass set of photos this week that arent instagrammed... thanks Fstoppers !

Really nicely done. The model is scaringly thin though.

Great work , great imagery, such a pleasure to watch... thanks for sharing Fstoppers :)

Is she really THAT skinny?!? Wow! You better give her something to eat...

Ralph Hightower's picture

Stunning Mao Tse Tung fashion shoot.

adamdscott's picture

Surely this is a village in Anhui province? Looks like Xidi Village to me.

Zhendong Lu's picture

and Xidi Village is located in Anhui Province...

adamdscott's picture

The article states "Anhui Village". This is wrong. It is Xidi Village in Anhui Province.

Ensofoto's picture

Wow, loved all of these - thanks for the post!