Staci Renee in Miami Retouch Challenge Results

It's been a long time coming, but today's episode of my weekly web series, The Backyard, finds my co-host Staci and myself reviewing our three favorite edits from (what I dubbed) the Dani Diamond Experiment, posted almost two months ago. I allowed you all to download a raw file I shot of Staci in Miami and let you loose on it to retouch it as you saw fit. The results? Let's take a look.

OK, so it took some time to get this episode filmed, but in fairness all currently upcoming episodes were taped just within the last week. It has been a wild time lately, for both good (busy travel schedules) and bad (flooding, hospitalization) reasons, but long story short we are back on track, rest assured.

After I initiated the challenge, submissions grew to 319 before I pulled the file, and it had only been a few days. I was excited to see the eagerness and inspired retouching that I received, and I can honestly say it was definitely interesting digging through everything with a fine tooth (retouching) comb. There were the good, the bad, and the ugly, of course. But also some genuine surprises because, as it happens, some of you have some fine retouching chops!

Below are the the bottom six of the eventual top nine that we decided on. To be clear, the bottom six and the top three are in no particular order beyond three of the images being selected to be on the episode.

To see these top three, check out the episode of The Backyard in the video above.

Thanks everyone for your participation, and look for the Retouch Challenge #2 recap and review coming up very soon.

Edit by Tony Medina.

Edit by Vladimir Ambia.

Edit by Stefano Costa.

Edit by Lasse Høj Nielsen.

Edit by Clayton Richards.

Edit by Nick Viton.
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Jason Lorette's picture

Great challenge guys...I didn't make the cut but it was still fun. I can't wait to see the results of "challenge #2". I did like in the backyard episode that some of the things you thought were positive in your top three I also did in my edit, so that's cool :) Now I see if I made the cut in round 2 ;) :P
Glad you are both feeling better! :)

Deleted Account's picture

You know what, I meant to grab this to play around with. Can we still have the RAW, even though we can't submit? I know I'm a bit late in asking...

Leigh Smith's picture

Nino, we need to talk. I know you're a photo guy, but if you're going to make videos, you need to work on that audio. Get yourself a decent mic for gawd sake!

Nick Viton's picture

SO much fun! More of these interactive type articles please!

Jason McCosker's picture

good, the bad or the ugly. All I know is I have work to do. Love seeing the different results from the same image.