The Terry Richardson You Don't Know

The Terry Richardson You Don't Know

After reading the comments on the Miley and Terry article I wrote the other day, it made me realize how many people are in the dark about Terry Richardson's talent. I am a huge fan of Terry, mostly because he has an 'I don't give a damn' attitude but he turns out some pretty glorious images when you aren't paying attention.  Most people when they hear the name Terry Richardson they think creepy, old, incredibly lucky photographer who gets to see a lot of boobs. But in reality he is highly talented and brought in millions last year for doing much more than mediocre white wall shots.

Little to everyones knowledge, Terry doesn't just shoot white wall shots of provocative young women. So I wanted to bring to light a list of campaigns and editorials that he has worked on that you have most likely saw and didn't even cross your mind that Terry was the photographer. Terry has shot the Yves Saint Laurent campaigns since 2010, Bongo, Aldo, Summer 2013 for H&M, multiple shoots for Harpers Bazaar with Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel as well as numerous campaigns for most international Vogues.







I think the biggest problem with Terry Richardson is that his personal work is so easily available on his Tumblr. Everyone sees the boobs and babes go up so quickly that they tend to forget the behind the scenes photos he posts on the regular. Today he even posted a photo in the Amazon with a tribe. Our random personal work might not be appreciated by the masses just like Terry's usually isn't, but his commissioned work is top notch and you can't deny that.

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none of those images you have linked show any sort of even a basic camera skill...

Either your envy clouds your judgment or you have no idea of what you're talking about. Either way, he can handle a camera. He can compose and his assistants can light. But yeah, most of his work is business-know-how.

lol you mean his assistants who he uses to take advantage of young girls?
None of those pictures posted above are anything special. They are just as flat as all of his other images.

there isnt anything in any of those images that you cant see quality wise in just about any photography group on facebook.
He gets hired because he is the reality TV star of photography. Anything he does is going to get front page news with people saying How is this guy allowed to get away with this?
just google Terry richardson f*cks models and see what you see.
He is what is wrong with photography today :(
It isnt about his skill with a camera but the drama behind hiring him.

Unless you have actual evidence beyond supposition and speculation from "blogs", I suggest you keep those claims to yourself. As to whether he knows photography. He definitely does. That's just a fact. If you don't get that, well that is your problem - not mine.

There are a lot of mind-blowingly creative fashion editorials out there these days, making Terry's look pretty mediocre and a little boring by comparison. His do look retro though (probably unintentionally), so that's something. People like working him I guess, and that counts for a lot, but don't try to make T-Bone into something he's not.

His dad was actually a great photographer.

Mozart, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Wilde, Mapplethorpe, Warhol, Michael Jackson...
If you don't have a dark side, you're probably not making art.

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'cause art isn't a synonym for creativity. Happy well-adjusted people might be wildly creative, but they don't tend to make memorable art. Historically speaking.

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a factually incorrect statement, but then again, internet comment sections have never been to big on being factually correct.

It's an opinion. Get over yourself.


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His work does EXACTLY what he wants it to; talk about it and the subject. Even if you hate it, it makes people talk.

Soooo he has the same publicity approach has Charles Manson, Robert Pickton, etc...

What a revolutionnary!

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Huh? you just equated an artist to mass-murderers. I'd say more like other artists like Andy Warhol or Ai Wei Wei - work designed to make people talk.

I just wanted to wonder what the type of "great fashion photography" you all have in mind. You come to comment about Terry Richardson's works with a bias that stops you of analize his other different works.

why. do. we. keep. spreading. this?! It's shameful (and should be illegal) to constantly accuse someone you don't know of something like this. There are never any police reports, never any charges...nothing. Just a bunch of models who regret bad decisions enough to post publicly about it, but not file a police report. I don't by the 'scared to hurt their career' excuse either.

How do you explain the old terry blog?

eh, all this seems to show to me is that he doesn't just use the harsh shadow flash every time...sometimes he brings them outside! wow..

So, show us your work.

The good old "don't criticize unless you prove to be equal or better than the one you criticize". A classic among the classics of the internet comments.

Yep. And always correct. If you can't do better you don't know better.

Most BULLSHIT argument I've ever seen.

Never blown a guy, but I sure as hell can tell when a girl doesn't know what she's doing.

Never did a single movie but I can tell that the smurfs were a terrible fucking flick...

I have a millions counter-examples like this...

How many photographers are required to screw in a light bulb? One thousand. One who does it, and 999 who complain and claim they could do better.

fstoppers and other Richardson fans, I have a question for you. Would you send your 16
year old daughter to a shoot with him without a chaperone?

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Not a Richardson fan, but I will turn this around to you. Would you send your 16 year old daughter to ANY photographer without a chaperon? Spun in another direction, would ANY photographer agree to shoot a minor without parent or guardian present?

Good point ;) I wouldn't send my 16 year old daughter (not that I have a daughter but hypothetically) to any photog without a chaperone, nor would I photograph without one. Fair enough, guess I should have stated 19 year old daughter.

Well played.

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