The Terry Richardson You Don't Know

The Terry Richardson You Don't Know

After reading the comments on the Miley and Terry article I wrote the other day, it made me realize how many people are in the dark about Terry Richardson's talent. I am a huge fan of Terry, mostly because he has an 'I don't give a damn' attitude but he turns out some pretty glorious images when you aren't paying attention.  Most people when they hear the name Terry Richardson they think creepy, old, incredibly lucky photographer who gets to see a lot of boobs. But in reality he is highly talented and brought in millions last year for doing much more than mediocre white wall shots.

Little to everyones knowledge, Terry doesn't just shoot white wall shots of provocative young women. So I wanted to bring to light a list of campaigns and editorials that he has worked on that you have most likely saw and didn't even cross your mind that Terry was the photographer. Terry has shot the Yves Saint Laurent campaigns since 2010, Bongo, Aldo, Summer 2013 for H&M, multiple shoots for Harpers Bazaar with Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel as well as numerous campaigns for most international Vogues.







I think the biggest problem with Terry Richardson is that his personal work is so easily available on his Tumblr. Everyone sees the boobs and babes go up so quickly that they tend to forget the behind the scenes photos he posts on the regular. Today he even posted a photo in the Amazon with a tribe. Our random personal work might not be appreciated by the masses just like Terry's usually isn't, but his commissioned work is top notch and you can't deny that.

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Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but you put a pretty, well dressed (or undressed for that matter) girl in a photo, and most people are going to say its a good photo regardless of the actual real talent of the photo. Not saying he doesn't have some talent, but I think there are 100s better out there. He's still creepy too, and no way in hell would I ever let my daughter anywhere near him.

I think he is a really good photographer it's just that we have different taste and style to express our passion and I think there is no perfect picture, if you're happy about your work and your client then there's no problem to that, it's just that people complicate everything and make it hard to understand and that's what photography is about to enjoy and create. :)

"...his commissioned work is top notch and you can’t deny that." Actually, yes I can. None of the images listed were exceptional. Most were tolerable, but not much better. Check out for some great photographers. Hell, go to Model Mayhem Picture of the day for better photography.

I love shots of boobs and babes when they are artfully and beautifully shot. If, as the author states, most people are in the dark about Terry Richardson true talent, I think it is only because he doesn't show very much of it.

If half the people in these comments were given the chance to make the money he makes, get to shoot the celebrities he shoots, and have clients that many people will never come close to having, you'll take it in a heartbeat. Many people complain because it isn't them behind taking the pictures.

I'd take that chance for sure. I would rape and abuse women though...

You would...or you wouldn't?

I thought half of these models were mannequins...

Hard work even with a little talent translates into success more then a ton of talent and little work. So by how "untalented" Terry must be according to everyone here I think he may be one of the hardest working dude's there is right now.

He has the creative ability of a bowl of pistachios. His father on the other hand was a much better photographer. Terry is an excellent money maker and a incredible self promoter. Pushing the boundaries of photography and fashion he is not.

Oh good, I was interested in learning more about Terry Richardson after the post from earlier this week. I wasn't a fan of the Miley pictures, but they were shocking (which does always cause a reaction). Based on Miley's recent activity, I'm pretty sure that's what their intent was, so who knows, maybe it was successful to them.

It's amazing to see people still denying and counting on police report to start doubting this creep. I mean, 1+1=2....

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the other terry richardson that should be know. totally NSWF

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Good piece on Terry Richardson. The effort of digging up his "legitimate" work sheds light on the marketing of his own brand as a photographer: be known for subversive, attention grabbing, culturally relevant content... to gain popularity to work the mainstream commercial scene.

Whether you like his photography or not, this is a moral and ethical issue. I am positive that those who defend Terry's work and "business practice" find his personal work/blog outrageously disgusting!? Correct?? The fact that he still gets hired by these companies is amazing! Truly astonishing!! Unfortunately, this crap happens in other industries as well. Some people will do whatever they need to to do to get ahead. Got to move up the ladder, right? However, just the fact that these perverts take advantage of it, doesn't make it right. I'm not going to say, "Hey, what if that was your daughter?" First of all, I will teach my daughter not to open her legs or put anything in her mouth to get ahead, PERIOD!

I respect Terry for being honest about who he really is as a person and that is it! I don't like his photography or his "business practice". What we should be talking about is WHY are these agencies still employing him? Don't blame him, but the industry itself. And no, Tobias, I am not a photographer nor can I show you my work. :) Just my two cents!!

His talent isn't an excuse to his perversion and the emotional damage he has caused to many women.