Watch Amazing Retoucher Marina Dean-Francis Speed Retouch

Last week, we featured an interview with the awesomely talented retoucher and photographer Marina Dean-Francis. This week, she's shared a video with Fstoppers showing her retouching on a hair and beauty image. Although the video has been sped up tremendously, it's not hard to see that there aren't many quick tricks in play here. It's no secret that maybe the greatest skill in retouching is patience. 

Pay close enough attention, and there are some very useful tips in this video - my personal favorite comes in around the 2:30 mark and is a great way to add highlights on hair. Lasso the highlight, add a curve, feather the mask. Simply excellent.

Marina is a retoucher and photographer based in Bristol, England and has done work for Dior, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and others. View more of her retouching work here and her photography here.

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Mokhtar Chahine's picture

Very interesting workflow, but i am not sure i like the end result. My eyes kept seeing the layers/cloning that was involved. But if thats what the industry wants then i guess its good.

Ikaru Bart's picture

I agree, this kind of work is amazing but really, I dont like how everything changes so far away from original. Anyway, Head & Shoulder may like this

Alain Zimeray's picture

I agree too... Impressive work, but don't like the result, and ... is this still a photography ?

Mike Distras's picture

The original photographic image still needs to be to a high quality.
I think the final image is brilliant, and whats the alternative, leaving more of the original image in, but it being further away from the final spec needed from a client?

Its creating something artistic and has an end result in mind. The original image is just a stepping stone in getting there, and photoshop and post production is also a vital part of the process to get the final look needed.

Either way you look at it, still awesome :)

Mike Yang's picture

I agree. The point to beauty and fashion advertising is really to show something artistic to the world. If you want to see the real thing, take a look in the mirror. :)

Alex Rivera's picture

Boss Work!

Mark Kelly's picture

Excellent work and thanks for the chance to see your workflow

Digital Macdaddy's picture

Incredible workflow. The amount of detail that went into this is mind blowing.

Ryan MacKenzie's picture

The different colors in her hair are very distracting. Good skills all around though.

robert bates's picture

Fantastic work Marina as always, great skills and workflow. Very impressed.

Emil Nyström's picture

I kinda like this. :)

Christian Berens's picture

It seems like a larger scale of what I usually do (not to that extreme) but what were they doing after the curves adjustments (the ones for highlights) they did it to each of them and there was a slider, not 100% what it was, anyone know?