A Website That Shows The Original Source Of Inspiration For Today's Fashion Images

A Website That Shows The Original Source Of Inspiration For Today's Fashion Images

Lilah Ramzi, creator of Part Nouveau, had a great idea. With art and photography, many of the great images we see today are concepts that are borrowed from the past. She found the potential source of inspiration for many of these images and put them together. The result is a great lesson with a concise history of where they also originated from. 

Some of the sources of inspiration are also paintings, drawings, and other artistic mediums. The site is updated frequently with more samples added on a regular basis. You can find some examples from the site below. Be sure to check out the full website here: http://partnouveau.com/. For any post that catches your eye, be sure to click on 'continue reading' for more details on each of the examples.

It goes to show that ideas are always recycled. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are made any better the second time around.

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fstoppers_sources_of_inspiration 5

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Their earlier versions look better imo !

So true! I have find the originals so much better than the "newer" versions.

Back then, it was more of an art rather than a trend.

You need to go watch this film. Many of these concepts were thought of from these women, many of whom are still alive, hence why you see lots os similarities in the work of the past vs today.


I love that the recreations are inspirations, and not direct copies! Fantastic post.

Perhaps a bad shot of Mitre Maas, I'm sure she can look better than in that frame, but she pales compared to Veruschka.

I bet Marion Cortillard was harnessed and had it comp'd out, whereas Lisa Fonssagrives was not.

I think the animal-theme comparison is a bit of a stretch.

All Creative Work Is Derivative:

I think there is a very thin line between inspiration and copy, these are obviously some kind of tribute to those classic photos