The Beautiful 150 Year Old Craft Of Tinytype

Matt Morris has created this wonderful short documentary about Harry Taylor and his passion."After a personal tragedy, Harry discovered a passion for the 150-year-old craft of tintype photography". His outlook on photography is very fascinating. Dabling between digital and tintype Harry has found that working with the tintype process much more rewarding. I remember the days of film, being in the darkroom and getting so excited watching an image appear. It seems more people are going back to the roots of photography with using film/tin. These photos are beautiful but I'm sure seeing these photos in person is very humbling.

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Simon Whitehead's picture

Absolutely knockout. Beautiful, inspirational process and images. wow.

Jacques's picture

'tiny' type?  Thought it was 'tin'?

Jens Marklund's picture

Looks like wetplates

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apercep's picture

so much like.....