BTS Photos from Hollywood Classics...

BTS Photos from Hollywood Classics...

...and a few non-classics... It's always a treat to see actors (or fake sharks) out of character in classic films, reading a script or speaking with a director. Here are some photographs that show just that from several movies over the last several decades.


Silence of the Lambs


Star Wars

Gone with the Wind

The Godfather

Planet of the Apes

Indiana Jones






Back to the Future

Lord of the Rings


The Shining

Star Wars (Intro)

Requiem for a Dream

The Birds

Ghostbusters II

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Anyone know what the strings attached to his face on the Godfather one were used for? I'm not familiar with this scene.

Don Kirby's picture

They are attached to small pieces of skin colored makeup, under which there is a round spot of blood color.  A quick tug on the string pulls off the 'skin' overlay and reveals the round blood spot.  On film, it appears as a bullet entry.

I was shocked when I saw the star wars intro!

Craig Lawrence's picture

Great images, but I question the inclusion of Transformers in a list of "Hollywood Classics".

 The first line after the head line says. "and a few non-classics" That's the power of reading and not just looking at pictures. :)

That's not Ghostbusters II. It's Ghostbusters I. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is not in the second movie, only the first.