Chest Hair. Everywhere. You're Welcome?

Chest Hair. Everywhere. You're Welcome?

Photographer Ingrid Berthon-Moine was born in France, works out of London and loves a man covered in hair more than Freddie Mercury ever could have. Okay, I don't really know how she likes her men, but in 2010 she created a collection called "V" which features the glory of chest hair ranging from full bush to barely visible. It is a series of 15 C-Type photographs of men's chest hair. Have fun interwebs, enjoy!

Also note, her other work is NSFW, so I wouldn't go clicking around her site while working that kindergarten substitute teacher gig you have going on the side.

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I figured out what we need to do to get posted on fstoppers guys, just take the most random and bizarre photo set and we're in! 

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bring it on Stephen!

I don't think I'll be able to top the video of her strumming her tampon string like a guitar while it's in her lady part that is on her website.... Or the collage of penises.

Seriously, wtf..... thought this series was a bit weird, but the videos on her page..... beyond words

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Am crezut ce e par de la pizda pe bune

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Thumbs down on this article.

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I don't feel anything about her photos or sexual video.
For me its more ridiculous than provocative.
But the "Ma" video is very nice and i felt very unconfordable about it, more than anything that she can do with her vagina....