Fan of Bryan Adams? New Photo Book "Exposed" Hits Shelves Oct. 31

Fan of Bryan Adams? New Photo Book "Exposed" Hits Shelves Oct. 31

You may know Bryan Adams as a scratchy-voiced Canadian rocker, but he's also an avid photographer. He announced his new photo book "Exposed" a couple months ago, a retrospective compilation of some behind-the-scenes photos of some of the world's most famous musicians. Though it's coming out a month and a half later than originally anticipated, you might want to check it out.

Here is a brief description of what to expect: "In the late nineties Bryan Adams became curious about making photographic self-portraits for his album covers, and so chose to pick up the camera himself. That serendipitous decision was the beginning of a successful photographic, parallel to Adams' impressive achievements as a singer, songwriter and producer. Exposed is a retrospective of Adams' photography and features portraits of friends and colleagues in the entertainment, fashion and art industries, including Morrissey, Ben Kingsley, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Louise Bourgeois, Lindsay Lohan and Judi Dench. This book, Adams' first comprehensive monograph, "exposes" not only unknown facets of his subjects but also the depth of Adams' photographic faculty."

You can pre-order the book now on, and expect it on store shelves October 31.


[Images via The Globe and Mail]

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Wow, some people just have plain "talent". It doesn't matter what he puts his hand to, he'd probably be awesome at it. 

It's a Canadian thing.....

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 LOL :)

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Damn Canadians!!!   LOL