The Fun of Shooting With a 150-Year-Old Camera

Modern cameras are rather remarkable pieces of technology that make capturing stunning images even in the most difficult shooting scenarios easier than ever. But there is still a lot of magic in the early processes of yesteryear. This awesome video goes behind the scenes of shooting with a camera that's a century and a half old.

Coming to you from Mathieu Stern, this intriguing video features a behind the scenes look at the wet plate collodion process. The collodion process came about in 1851 and was popular until about the 1880s, when it was mostly replaced by the dry gelatin process, which was both far more convenient (especially since it eliminated the need for a portable darkroom for instant processing) and more sensitive, allowing photographers to reduce exposure times by huge amounts, also making posing far easier for portrait subjects. Nonetheless, there's something very nostalgic about the process, and I personally find it quite meditative to watch and rather satisfying. It's a highly methodical and tactile method, which is probably why there are still devoted enthusiasts of it all around the world. Check out the video above to see how it all comes together to create the final image. 

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I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing.