[Pics] Amazing Never-Seen-Before Photos Of New York City

[Pics] Amazing Never-Seen-Before Photos Of New York City

NYC's Department of Records announced today the debut of an online photo database, containing 870,000 vintage images of New York City from the 19th and 20th centuries - free for all of us to look and enjoy (and buy prints!). It took 4 years for them to make it happen - from choosing the images, develop, scan, upload and add description and keywords. Amazing work.

This collection is pure gold. I cant stop looking through the pictures they have there. Here are few examples, so sit back and enjoy:

June 5, 1908: Phase one of the construction of The Manhattan Bridge.


October 7, 1914: Painters in the wires of the Brooklyn Bridge.


July 29, 1908: Workers dig in Delancy Street on the Lower East Side.


December 22, 1936: a man stops to see the view from the George Washington Bridge.


November 24, 1915: elevator operator Robert Green and building engineer Jacob Jagendorf found dead in an elevator shaft after a failed robbery attempt.


October 2, 1930: Workers lay bricks to make a new road on 28th street.


May 18, 1940: Man reads a newspaper on the corner of 40th street and Sixth Avenue. Top story: "Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris."


September 30, 1936: Baseball legend Babe Ruth signing excited fans on their game program during game One of the 1936 World Series at the Polo Grounds.


1937: Grand Central Station as seen from the famous "Campbell apartment" bar.


Undated: The Third Avenue elevated train right next to City Hall.


1940: New Yorkers swim in the Astoria public pool with the Hell Gate railroad bridge in the back.


Via The Daily Mail.

From Noam:
I always love hearing from fellow photographers. If you have any comments, story ideas, or any other suggestion ill be more than happy to hear from you. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Vitaliy Piltser's picture

the first image just blew my mind 

Wayne Leone's picture

The database is unavailable due to the high volume of interest. Great post - thanks!

Nice pictures. If you want to see more you can check out this site: http://www.shorpy.com/
A good photo archive from the end of 19 century and the beginning of the 20 century.


jose luis cardenas's picture

pretty pictures....thanks for sharing


Kush Patel's picture

The one with the man reading the newspaper is the most intriguing photo to me!

Randy Richards's picture

Yes! I like that one a lot. Especially for second person that's blurred out too.The photo has a lot of detail yet still leads the eye along an interesting and revealing path.

Randy Richards's picture

Really great photos!

Gino Sta Maria's picture

The second photo is my favorite..

WOW! i had almost the same angle of shot, like the Phase one of the construction of The Manhattan Bridge in September 2010 when i was there for a visit.almost identical! 


Noam Galai's picture

Thats so cool!

Grzegorz Kornijów's picture

These are great!
Grand Central Station or Terminal?

what language is that in the bottom sign to the right of the image in -July 29, 1908: Workers dig in Delancy Street on the Lower East Side. - ?

Grzegorz Kornijów's picture

Yiddish or Hebrew - same alphabet

yiddish :) 

same alphabet, different language