Student Final Project: Swallowing 35mm Film

Student Final Project: Swallowing 35mm Film

Two Kingston University students (in the UK), Luke Evans and Josh Lake, each swallowed 35mm film, allowed their bodies to 'process it,' and then collected and developed it both in a darkroom. They then scanned the film with an electron microscope to digitize the images. Despite the rather odd method of collection, I'm sure, the results are quite interesting...and I can't say I've seen anything like it.

Via CreativeReview

To give you an idea of the sharpness of these, all the images are hi-res files (just click on each) from Josh Lake's site. These and other works can be found there as well as at Luke Evans' website.

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The last one is epic !

That's crazy that an image was captured. Art school does weird things to people.

What is the point? Anything would look like that under an electron microscope.

That was my thought. Still though, the results look pretty cool

Just hang a watermelon on the neck was not calling enough attention ...

um... gross

Let's see effect with 4x5 :D


A for creativity for sure!!

Fstoppers continues its dive into trash reporting.
You got new people doing your posting, or are you guys just getting lazy?

just googled electron microscope and looked at the images.  Wow just like this.  LOL so what does this have to do with art?  for me there is no WOW to this.  sorry.

This is just what things look like under an electron microscope since we know that to get an image the film would have to gather light, which we know the body does not exactly have any light leaks....

Maybe they swallowed a glow stick at the same time? :)

 I think what the article neglects to mention is that it's probably 35mm xray slide film. That's just my guess

I suspect what happened is they developed the film, realized there was fuck-all on it, and it wasn't interesting in the least.  So they decided to take SEM imagery of the film so they didn't feel like they lacerated their assholes for nothing.

I really want to know what parts of the body these are. 

This can't be true, I'm finding it hard to believe there is the slightest amount of truth in this :/

You don`t say. It doesn`t have anything to do with the swallowing method. The SEM images of microalgae are even better than these.

amazing....totally amazing.

I feel sorry for the guy who had to dig out the film and develop it. Ewe.

People are officially out of ideas on what to do with old film.

How do posts like this make it past quality control? Photography 101 would teach us that this "method" is not possible using film. This is common sense. Ftsoppers, where did you find these posters? Seriously? Were they at least interviewed first? - What's worse is that this was re-posted a day later on Facebook. 

 there's other ways of using light than just the visible spectrum. It's most likely xray slide film that they shot (The same kind that your dentist uses). They do not explain it on either article, but you have to realize their is more film out their than just the run of the mill 35mm

How does the stomach not dissolve it?

I happen to be a biologist and a professional photographer and I agree with most of the comments here that this is just bullshit. Tons of gorgeous images come out from the electron microscope, this is definitely not one of them.

This is complete bullshit.

hahah @ all the hipsters who thought this was amazing..would have been more interesting to see pictures of them digging thru shit to find the shitty film

I dont find this to be even remotely true! If they did swallow the 35mm slide film, it would lacerate their intestines. Lacerations in the intestines is deadly. Causing serious bacterial infection that the body cant fight off. They would have died without medical attention. What a joke.

I can't believe how many people are condemning this article as false without looking into it... The film was swallowed inside of its plastic feed, this is why there was no laceration. The images that we see from the electron microscope are the result of the damage that their bodies caused to the film and traces of bodily tissue left upon the emulsion surface. True, the film did not capture photos but it became the backdrop for the subject. If you still think it is "bullshit", then it is the art and the artists that you should criticize, not the website or writer who simply reported about what the students did.