Surreal Photography by Ukrainian Photograher Oleg Oprisco

Surreal Photography by Ukrainian Photograher Oleg Oprisco

Fine art and surrealist photographer Oleg Oprisco’s  work is dramatic and ethereal; challenging the viewer’s perception of reality. Oprisco’s photographs feature subdued coloration and unexpected props-often playing with expectations of size and perspective.

Oprisco creates incredible surreal photography using painstakingly built sets. What sets Oprisco’s work apart from the many others working in the surreal photography genre is its minimal use of post-processing. Shooting with a medium-format film camera, Oprisco believes in creating his images in-camera, without relying heavily on the effects of post-processing software. Oprisco  believes in shooting in natural light, and the payoff dedication to one’s craft: “Innate talent is just a 5% of someone’s success rate. 95% of it is hard work.” Oprisco teaches regular photography workshops.

More of Oleg Oprisco’s work can be found on his Facebook page.

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I like all of them except the on with an umbrella. Umbrellas in "fantasy" photography are like railroads of portrait...overdone.

that ghost/bride is amazing!

Eh, if the railroad tracks were on fire I think I'd be pretty okay with it.

very inspiring work

Bob Bell's picture

Nice work!

I have more respect for in-camera work. It really for me is what sets artists apart. Or maybe it's because I'm shit at/can't be bothered to edit... :P

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