Beautiful B&W's Created With 16 Stops of ND Filters

Beautiful B&W's Created With 16 Stops of ND Filters

When I first started to get into photography i came across Joel Tjintjelaar's work. It was because of him I bought a 10 stop ND filter. Joel creates these masterpieces by using B+W ND110 & ND106 filters, and in most of his new work he is stacking the two filters to achieve 16 stops. By doing this most of his exposures are 5 to 10 minutes long. Joel uses a Canon 7D, a variety of lenses, and Lightroom 3.0, PS CS5, Silver Efex Pro 2 for post process.
"I love Black and White photography because with the removal of color the essence of objects, situations, sceneries and people can become more visible. Can become more visible because it's up to you what you do with contrasts, light, shapes and lines to emphasize the essence, or what you see as the essence - no colors that will seduce the eye, only emotion that will capture the heart. If you do it right...
I don't believe in SOOC shots. I believe in the artistic result and in the visualization of the artist of how he/she sees the world. A camera is just a piece of hardware with no mind, no soul, no artisticity, just an object that records a situation, unbiased and emotionless. I'm not interested in the vision of a piece of hardware, I'm only interested in the vision of the artist with a mind and soul, who will alter the image to his reality. It's the difference between photography and art." Visit Joel's Flickr or website to view more of his work. He also teaches workshops.

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Zakim bridge? lol, you mean Erasmus Bridge?

Silver Efex Pro 2 is just a superb piece of software.

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Thanks for this article - truly appreciate it!

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Apologies, forgot to log in but I wanted to say thank you for this great article!

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Photography is an art 

Amazing pictures, inspirational!

These are just stunning.

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How do you avoid excessive noise with such long exposures?