Beautiful Fine Art Portraits

Beautiful Fine Art Portraits

Raphael Guarino is a brilliant fine art photographer from Grafenau, Germany. Ive always been a fan of simplicity, and I think Raphael does a great job of exploiting that. Although most of his work is shot on a black background and lit with what seems to be one light source, he really seems to grab your attention with such subtle new nuances. I hope you enjoy his work as much as i do. Check out hiss 500px or website to view more of his work.

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Fantastic!  Really great images.

Kailash Gyawali's picture

loved the portraits

Brilliant.. a real artist .. inspiring for me, thank you ...

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!

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reminds me of Dragen, really cool images

Wow, great stuff. Love to see creative stuff like this! 

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Incredible! Thanks for sharing these! 

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Beautiful ideas, photography, and post processing.. Loved them

these photos are really amazing and impressive!!!