Daniel Arsham's Plaster, Glass, Stone & Sand Cameras

Daniel Arsham's Plaster, Glass, Stone & Sand Cameras

Wired's RAW File ran an interesting story on Daniel Arsham, an artist whose project produced hundreds of monochromatic cameras built out of plaster, glass, stone and sand. The exhibit titled Reach Ruin will be at Philadelphia's Fabric Workshop Museum until March 2013. More of Daniel's work can be found on his website at www.danielarsham.com.

02 Nikon Nikkormat FT made from glass 05 Crushed glass Nikon Nikkormat FT and a black stone Canon EOS 6D 06 Pentax K1000's made from plaster hundreds-film-camera-sculptures-made-of-1 hundreds-film-camera-sculptures-made-of-2 hundreds-film-camera-sculptures-made-of

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