"Inversed Metaphysics" Haunting Portraits by Christine Muraton

French photographer Christine Muraton’s series 'Inversed Metaphysics' features hauntingly beautiful portraits which evoke a sense of solitude and restlessness. Muraton states that the series is intended to address issues of transcendence, the search for truth, and the nature of consciousness.

Specializing in concept photography, Muraton describes her work as aiming to express “the esthetics of wanderings…physical, metaphysical and psychological.” With ‘Inversed Metaphysics’ Muraton says the title is meant to convey “a paradoxical state of mind”: “From problematic states of existence, sometimes obvious, sometimes more diffuse, emerge a questioning about the nature and reason of things, but rather than seeking…an answer, it is the understanding that it is the questioning itself, and not the comforting illusion of an answer, that matters. Once ignorance is embraced, everything can re-emerge in a new light.”










Muraton’s work has been featured in such publications as Vogue Italia, Alliterati Magazine and ArtTour International.

You can find more of Muraton’s work on her website.

All images used with permission.

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Edward Porter's picture

Christine did an excellent job with the jellyfish double exposure. It's the only photo of this set that concretely expresses an idea. I found the rest to be too generic to signify anything. It's also rather unusual that she chose darkness to represent consciousness, when symbolically it's often associated with light. Also saying 'inversed metaphysics' is the same thing as saying physics...but I'm just about two seconds away from saying get off my lawn, so I'll stop now.

David Vaughn's picture

I thought metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerning existence and the state of being, while physics is a natural science concerning matter and the physical laws of the universe.

But if it's inversed metaphysics then...I guess it would basically be physics?

Damn. Some really nice images but what a pretentious title.

Kyle W's picture

I like this a lot

Daniel Hine's picture

The last two photos were really cool, but I'm so over seeing photos of naked bodies in fields.

I think if Christine used more conceptual images like the last two it would be a super strong body of work.

Talking about consciousness, I recently did a double exposure dealing with the idea of depression and loneliness, and you can see it here: http://instagram.com/p/nspRzGKJq5/