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Surreal Cityskapes: Bence Bakonyi's 'Urbanite' Series

Surreal Cityskapes: Bence Bakonyi's 'Urbanite' Series

In a surreal blend of day and night, Budapest-based photographer Bence Bakonyi’s series “Urbanite” features vast cityscapes seemingly devoid of people. Shot in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the series presents settings in which the presence of humanity is eerily close, as though the population had suddenly fled, leaving lights on and laundry on the line.Bakonyi’s artist statement describes the series’ intended effect upon its audience; “The 'Urbanite' series is an account of how the artist found his home in the unknown. We can see the city as it is presented by the photographer, but also the artist who is in turn brought closer to us by China.”




More of Bakonyi's work can be found on his website.

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I wonder how many frames he had to shoot per image to get a full plate.

András Gime Gimesi's picture

Only one shot per image. Long expo. ;)

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I don't think digital cams can hold an exposure long enough to do that. Isn't it something like 60 seconds tops? Unless he's shooting film of course. Besides, the clouds in the sky in the top shot would have been blurred as well. Looks like digital multi-frame composites to me.

András Gime Gimesi's picture

There are clouds only on the "cover" photo of this story, which photo could be taken with a "normal" expo time, as there are no people.
But no clouds on the other photos, which are taken in "human environment". ;)
Just look more carefully, for example at these
->http://i0.wp.com/fstoppers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Bence-Bakonyi-... ;)
->http://i2.wp.com/fstoppers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Bence-Bakonyi-... ;)
->http://i0.wp.com/fstoppers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Bence-Bakonyi-... ;)
There are motion blurs, what is typical long expo effect. 30s is quite enough. ;)

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In bulb/time mode you can go for whatever time you want. I have made pictures that were exposed for several minutes.

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Ah OK, I thought it was limited to a minute or so. I wonder how long before a given buffer is full tho, I guess that will vary with camera.

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I like the juxtaposition of derelict buildings and modern urban infrastructure. It's sort of apocalyptic mood involved. The artificial lighting scenario gives it some semblance to CGI.
I like it.