'Big Appetites': Tiny People Living in a World Made Of Food

'Big Appetites': Tiny People Living in a World Made Of Food

"Big Appetites" is an ongoing project by Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli where he creates worlds made out of real food with tiny detailed figures living in them. He started this project back in 2002 as he was inspired by the culturally recurring fascination with tiny people in out of scale environments that was very common in films and television he grew up on.

Boffoli: "combining what is essentially toys with food only amps up the potential power of the work as those two components are the most common elements of just about every culture in the world. Virtually everyone plays with out of scale toys as a child. And whether you eat with a fork, chopsticks or your fingers we all have a lifetime of familiarity with food."

The series is currently on exhibition at a large solo show in New York City at Winston Wächter Fine Art and also at a group show in London through the Flaere Gallery. To purchase prints or note cards from this series click here.

To see more from the series in hi-res click here.

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brilliant idea. 

Seen these before and I really like them! Creative, fun and playful! Love the simplicity.

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Great concept..well executed.. great to look at the images

They look really great! :)

Paulie Grugan's picture

Im glad I stumbled upon these, I fucking love them. Brilliant idea, very creative and beautifully shot!!

Herr Falch Svinar's picture

Looks like Slinkachu. Same guy? http://slinkachu.com/little-people