Pantone Food Photography

Alison Anselot took a witty approach to Pantone color swatches and food photography by blending them together to create her project Pantone Food, a series of monochromatic foods paired with a corresponding swatch color.

Allison Anselot is a freelance art director and photographer out of Belgium whose background of design and love of photography paired well with the standard color matching system and the natural colors of the food to produce this series. You can find more of her work at

Each year Pantone releases its "Color of the Year" 2013 happens to be Emerald 17-5641.





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Avalon images's picture

Great images but whats with the Pantone bit?

Jackson Henney's picture

 Pantone is a colour guide - hence why the food is the same colour as the background?

Muriel_B's picture

There's another lady who is doing a similar project for some time. She's charting the skin colors:

Aaron Lindberg's picture

Thanks for the share, that is a large on going project. Very cool.