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Randy Harris' Gorgeous Portaits of Memphis' Barbeque Pit Masters

Travel and lifestyle photographer Randy Harris traveled to Tennessee for Travel + Leisure magazine, documenting the city’s best-known barbeque spots. Harris got to know those who owned and operated them, shooting a gorgeous series of portraits of Memphis pit masters.

Greatly inspired by this trip, Harris says the fascinating stories of those he photographed could be elaborated upon in multiple photographic essays. One such story is that of Deseray Robinson, the 75 year old owner of Memphis’ Kozy Corner. A widow, Deseray runs the business by herself, carrying a 9mm for protection. She keeps, Harris remarks, a near life-size portrait of her husband displayed in the restaurant.

Deseray, 75, owner of Kozy Corner with her trusted 9mm pistol and holster

Taken in by his experiences in Tennessee, Harris describes the landscape as still looking “like [a scene] from one of Walker Evans’ books.”  

Head Pit master, Henry, taking a smoke break outside of Rendezvous
Woman who bakes pies for Kozy Corner
Pit master at Nelly's
Henry, Pit Master at Rendezvous
Oldest employee at Rendezvous

You can find more of Randy Harris' work on his website.

Images and captions courtesy of Randy Harris, used with permission.

via [FeatureShoot]

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Jon Sharman's picture

I believe the 5th photo of the pitmaster has the wrong caption - should be Neely's, not Nelly's.

Great photos though!

Christian Berens's picture

Oh Rendezvous I love you! (seasoning is excellent!!)

great photos too