Spectacular Food Photography by Hannah Queen

Spectacular Food Photography by Hannah Queen

If you're in the mood for food, take a look at these shots. They made my mouth water with the way the lighting, layout and processing has been executed. "Hannah Queen is from Georgia, USA, and her pictures have a touch of that southern sweetness. She loves photographing natural, comfort-rich foods, like fresh fruit and honey with tea. Her homey pictures make you want to live somewhere peaceful, start a garden, or just visit Georgia for a bag of peaches."

To see more of Hannah’s photography, visit her website, Flickr account, or Etsy shop

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I like these!

(Thought I'd get that comment in before all the negative people get here)

you mean people with a different opinion?  Such as: These are nice i guess... but maybe don't warrant a post.

Agree. Especially with the title given "spectacular". I'm guessing it's a favour for a friend.

Haters hatin some more.  I suppose sp_gm and Jonathan are both far superior to this photog.  You guys are probably bazzillionaires cause of all the sweet cash your pullin in cause of all your photos.  You two probably aren't posers or anything.We all bow before you and your greatness.  Now do us a favor and go troll another website. 

Haters gonna Hate

Yea same here.  Good stuff, awesome colors.  Really brings a nice down home feel to the images.  Could see these in a Southern Comfort or Martha Stewart magazine.  Keep up the good work Hannah, too bad you're over the hill and probably won't get any better. ;)  ha!

If you're into food photography, make sure to check out this girl's work. Her images look sooo delish. http://500px.com/l-i-s-k-a

no comparison!  Hannahs work is far more artistic.

Are you kidding? Hannah's work puts that to shame. 

Wood, and shallow DOF. I'll remember that if I ever have to shoot food.

I love food photography with a passion =)

The word "spectacular" might be a bit overrated ... even if it's still really nice and make things look tasty ...
but if it's spectacular i might be on the race with those one : http://www.samten.fr/news/atelierdenoemie ...

IMHO Samten, also too "stocky".
The lighting is so unnatural that almost kills the beauty.5

Nice, cool, fine, good… but no way near spectacular.

This "rustic" style of photography is really trendy right now. I've been seeing it more and more in weddings especially, but Hannah pulls it off very well.

She definitely deserves credit for the way she displays her subjects (food) . More than anything though, it's the Photoshop actions she's using to create the mood that has deemed her work so spectacular. :)

Agreed Nic ... but you have to know how and when to use them ... I BELIEVE she uses a tilt lens and complete the service with a good and old dodge and burn.

Hey Dave Wallace, you were so right. This site seems to have become a super magnet for trolls. Rename it TrollStoppers....all trolls stop here and comment.
To all you no-talent critics with big opinions...- Give an artist a break, try to remember everyone is somebody's friend, son, daughter, sibling, spouse, parent...even if you are the spawn of the devil....

So are people "trolls" simply because they are giving their honest
opinion on something?  Nobody is bashing the photog for being terrible-
they're just giving their opinion in relation to how the work was
described. Good? Yes. Great? Debatable. To me, no.

If "trolls"
(in this particular situation) are themselves being trolled (*ahem*), what are
you supposed to call someone for being honest? Sorry, but the truth hurts
sometimes. :)

I see "The Hair's" a hater too.  There's a difference between constructive feed back and some full of himself wanna be tearing a photog down.  I'm all for opinions, if the person giving the opinion's willing to put his work up and let others tear them down.  I guarantee they all cry when they get hated on.  If you don't like something, then go create something better.  There's no need for hate. 

You seem to forget that our work is not being displayed on a major website... Thats why people are commenting on the quality.  Again, it goes back to what some would find to be mediocre content which FStoppers is getting a reputation for these days.

these are VERY SPECTACULAR!!!!  and she uses a  Canon 5D mkII........  and i really like the russian photos too..... different angles and styles, great photography....

yes,different style...those russian i thinks are more like to magazines and these are more to gallery

These are nice enough, but not something I would consider blog worthy..... They also seem to be quiet low res images, am I the only one thinking this? 

These images are some truly wonderful (and similar) food based images from a Canadian photographer. http://www.peterbagi.com/works/

Freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaking good!

 Reminds me of the photog in this very post, haha. Very similar in style... he's got some really striking images on some of them. Nice.

They're just spectacular because nobody has seen pics of food that isn't Instagram since 2011.

Man, what's with all this troll invasion on Fstoppers! Those pictures are amazing! Some people just have no more appreciation for other's work.

I dont get this, people here are going nuts about giving critique, There is nothing between AWSOME and TOTALLY CRAP in terms of feedback on images.
The images here are nice enough and are very market friendly with present web trends as in terms of fairly high end food blogs and as such they fulfill there function for this sort of Life Style product/food photography. I would personally like them to have a more pronounced personality and I sometime feel that the compositions are a bit off, also in some cases I feel that the a bit to short focus is backfiring. So to round off their nice, but hey don't get mad about it.