Splash Photography Makes Me Hungry For Fruits

Splash Photography is a very common type of photography in the commercial world and we see it around us all the time: in soft drink ads, as intro for cooking shows on TV or even in Cereal commercials. Here is a great collection of Splashing fruits - in water, cream or even beer - all found on Flickr. Also, make sure to watch the video to see how its done!

If you have similar photos you want to share with us - feel free to post them on our Facebook Group where we have thousands of photographers waiting to see your work.

Day 185 - Strawberry Splash
Photo: Simon Asquith.

Photo: Richard Adler Cheles.

Juicy Froot
Photo: Alex Toth.

Orange art
Photo: Ivo.Vuk.

Photo: Zane Weathers.

Day Thirty Two
Photo: Erwin Co.

strawberry splash
Photo: Marco Baum.

Un limón
Photo: Juan Miguel Guerrero.

Kiwi Splash No. 1
Photo: Vicco Gallo.

Strawberry Cream Splash in a spoon (blue background)
Photo: David Kittos.

Shooting with fruits
Photo: Piotr Halka.

Strawberry splash
Photo: Dan Desroches.

apple on green
Photo: Mariusz Roguski.

Photo: stublog.

Una Cerveza, Por Favor
Photo: Ram Yoga.

Strawberry splash in a spoon
Photo: David Kittos.

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All this is nice and well,but here is the master himself:


Simple and effective video - nicely done.