[Humor] Laugh At Yourself: Sh*t Photographers Say

Have you ever noticed when you are hanging out with another photographer, your non photography friends absolutely hate you? This video had me laughing a few times because like it or not we all sound like this from time to time. After you watch this, leave your favorite photographer cliche in the comments.

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"You want to print this at Walmart, don't you..."

"Are you Nikon? ...or Canon?"

Hold that,  hold that!

"Digital will never be a good as film"

think we got it! lol 

"I can Photoshop that" 
I say that at least once a shoot... must mean I'm great at Photoshop or a bad photographer haha

Too much magenta...

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"We can fix that in Photoshop"

The B&H one all the way! How many times are they not accepting orders!?!?!!? And how many holidays can you have in a year! That one was great!

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the real joke is when they call YOU!  That was my favorite as well....Rosh Hashanah haha

"That's a lot of noise in your image!"

"Oh no, it's film. Yeah."

"Would you call this overcast or cloudy?" and "Too magenta" made me laugh.

Yep!  Right there.  Don't move.... Awesome.  Just a little... a little... uhmm... YEP!!  Right there!  RIGHT ON!!!  AWESOME!!!  OMG THIS IS PERFECT!!............. Ok let's try that one more time.


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Do you have a Black Rapid ?

I don't pose, I'm just follow the action.

Oh,  me ?  Just f2.0 or wider!

I don't have zoom lenses in my camera bag.

Have you tried a Black Rapid strap? I used to think they where a gimmick, but they actually work well!

"have you seen my new website?"

"I'm thinking about starting a project on homeless people"the spontaneous switch from dslr to hasselbladand all the lens talk. 

Can you give me a more natural smile?

Holy crap that was lame. I mean seriously un-funny.  I want the last 3 minutes of my life back.

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haha, my hands smell like fix!

and oh chin down.... NO, up a little more..... NO Move slowly..... 

They actually mentioned Avedon. That alone makes it win-ful

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"i only shoot raw"

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Notice how the guy shooting the Canon tele in studio artificially adds a little recoil whenever he presses the shutter :)

"i love lightroom" jOUAjoUAjouJaouajouJAoujAO

Have you seen FStoppers? 

this made me laugh, i have a friend that gave me a whole lot of crap because I bought a d7k with four lens at the price of 2k, he said that all i needed was prime lenses and so on. Now that I have upgraded to a d700 he owns a d7k and is the best camera for him. 

How have you been...?
No much, just shooting a lot...

"Is that HDR?"