[Humor] Laugh At Yourself: Sh*t Photographers Say

Have you ever noticed when you are hanging out with another photographer, your non photography friends absolutely hate you? This video had me laughing a few times because like it or not we all sound like this from time to time. After you watch this, leave your favorite photographer cliche in the comments.

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Is all the film and retro stuff just "stuff hipsters say"? Should that go in the debate about what constitutes professional?

ha ha, guilty as charged. Slightly off topic:"Professional photography" is overstated, in my [humble] opinion. I take apart and repair cameras, then sell them for a profit in my spare time... but that doesn't make me a professional repair man. 

"Oh my god!!! Look at that Bokeh!!!"

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Love it when someone looks at an image and says "Whoa, you must have an awesome camera". Sit down for lunch with them later and tell em "That smells great! You're oven must be top notch"

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Damn I must be a sh*t photographer.

although I have to say I am sure I'm not the first to here a CLIENT say 'that's ok he can photoshop it' 

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"I'll just photoshop that" and "I hate iphone photograhpy". Haha, my words