2020 Versus 2019 16" MacBook Pro Comparison for Video Editing

Last week Apple announced the new graphics card update for the 2020 16" MacBook Pro. The upgraded model is more expensive than its 2019 predecessor, so let's find out if it is worth the upgrade. Apple introduced the 2019 MacBook Pro as the first 8-core Mac notebook ever with the AMD's 8GB 5500M graphics card, and it performed quite well with Adobe Premiere Pro. The 16" new MacBook Pro was released early 2020, and soon after it received a new GPU option: the new AMD 5600M. The early tests showed the new model with this top GPU outperformed previous MacBook Pro models and even the 5K iMac Pro on standard benchmarks.

Following up our previous coverage of the new AMD 5600M GPU upgrade, Max Yuryev performed a video editing performance test, comparing the two MacBook Pros; 2019 model with 5500M GPU and 2020 model with the new 5600M graphics card. This comprehensive test covers the video editing performance of both models in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X. Focusing on mainly the GPU-intensive tasks, the results show 4K and 8K video editing performance of both models in detail.

Considering the price difference, is it worth upgrading to the new model? Let us know in the comments.

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Anthony Cayetano's picture

Am happy with my 2017 MBP 15... long in the tooth but with DV Resolve and my 5700 eGPU I'll be fine and saving up to replace my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 with next year's model and til 2022 for the A16-series MBPs... =P

Burak Erzincanli's picture

Good choice! I'm still hesitant about the upcoming Arm-based models though...