3 Professional Camera and Lens Combos You Can Get for About $1,000

When it comes to professional photography equipment, outfitting your camera bag can become expensive very quickly. Thankfully, though, we have been in the digital era long enough that there is a huge range of used gear available that is still plenty capable for a lot of applications. This great video will show you three great camera and lens combinations that can be had for about $1,000 and that will serve you well for plenty of needs. 

Coming to you from The School of Photography, this awesome video will show you great camera and lens combinations that can be purchased for about $1,000 and that can tackle professional needs. I used the 5D Mark III for a number of years and can attest that it is a fantastic camera that can tackle a wide range of needs and scenarios. It was, by far, one of the most popular workhorses for a long time, and many photographers built their careers using them, as they offered a robust autofocus system in tandem with decent all-around specs and good image quality. Because of this, there are plenty of copies available on the used market at affordable prices. Of course, that is not the only option, however, so check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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My 5Dii still running fantastically well as long as one use good quality glass. I'm not shooting sports + wildlife so no need for machine gun frame rates a second 😆