Are Apple Macs Slower? It May Be Time to Switch to Windows

The Apple versus Windows discussion tends to get some strong opinions from both sides. Many creatives swear by Apple and consider them to be the only option, and this is mostly due to the operating system. Preferences aside, it would seem that Macs are sometimes the slower and worse option for creatives. 

If I'm not mistaken, most photographers and videographers tend to use the Adobe suite software for editing and post-production. As much as I like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro, I wish they were better optimized; unfortunately, they remain relatively slow. I can appreciate how it's probably difficult to do that for Windows due to the vast number of configurations on the market. Even so, it seems Apple Macs are still the slower option in comparison. In a recent video by Linus Tech Tips, they demonstrate why and how Macs continue to remain the slower option. It would seem that this is actually intentionally implemented by Apple. Sebastian discusses how most people that buy Apple products are interested in the look and feel as opposed to the raw performance. For creatives in our industry, this is a problem, because the "Pro" models from Apple are not in fact for professional users. 

Personally, I'm not surprised by this because, in my experience, Apple has sometimes neglected the professional market. I can appreciate how they have other priority markets that are more profitable, but this doesn't help me, and for that reason, I now continue with Windows. 

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Bert Nase's picture

Oh boy....boring. No other topics?

Usman Dawood's picture

Nope just this one :-).

Tim Stratton's picture

I use Apple cause I like it. I don’t like the windows. This speed issue is something I could relate too. Thanks to this video I know a bit more about what I’m experiencing on my MBP and have a more realistic expectation for the next MBP I’ll be getting.

Mihnea Stoian's picture

The new Mac laptops are not build for 'pro' use, in my opinion. I've had a 13 MBP for 10 years now (it's a 09), and it's still running strong and can do most things, slowly, but no hickups. I maxed the ram and switched to an SSD along the way. Now it's become my wife's mobile workhorse since she doesn't like to sit at her iMac at the desk all day, and she's very happy with it (she typically has 50+ chrome tabs open, Office, Illustrator and Photoshop all going at the same time). Yes, it sounds like a banshee 1/2 the time, but it works and keeps up. I'm still amazed it's still ticking after 10 years!
Which brings me to the new Lenovo X1 I got as my mobile workhorse alongside the iMac that we share. It's nice, fast, and the battery lasts literally all day. It also is about 1/2 the price than the comparable MBP, and with an egpu attached can literally do desktop-level video editing. It also doesn't throttle as badly as new Mac, and the legendary Thinkpad keyboard is miles away from those new apple macbook ones. Would Apple still make a similarly well-built MBP like the previous gen, I'd totally have gone that route, but this new generation it just doesn't make the grade.

Brandon Silvera's picture

Clickbait. Wish these people would stop with the bullshit content. Also wish people would stop believing it. I had a 2014 Macbook Pro and it worked great until I replaced it for a fresher display. At the end of the day, go with whatever works for you.

Usman Dawood's picture

Linus literally provides evidence for his claims. Nice try though.

regan albertson's picture

If someone feels like their Mac just isn't working fast enough with Adobe products, get Affinity! Those are engineered for the MacOS environment, and are a much better value, as you aren't supporting the bloated Adobe corporation. Get what it takes for you to produce great images, and I'll do likewise.

Dave Dundas's picture

That doesn't change the fact that whatever equivalent software you're running will be slower, on Mac hardware you literally paid twice as much for. Looks pretty though, full marks for that! :)

regan albertson's picture

Affinity Photo and Capture One scoot right along on my 2012 MBPro.

Dave Dundas's picture

I'm sure it does, and it probably would on both the PC's I could buy for the same amount of money, because it's the exact same hardware.

Ted Mercede's picture

I was a Windows guy maybe 10 years ago, having machines built up for purpose builds. At least once a year I was dealing with serious issues and down time. My computer guy, who hates Macs, told me I should go to Macs, I would be better off for what I wanted.

Switched and never looked back, until lately. Apple refusing to update drivers for Nvidia is going to be it I think. I want/need to use Cuda, so once my current OS doesn't work for what I need to run, I probably will have no choice but to go back to Windows.

Shame Apple has to be such dicks....

Christopher Eaton's picture

Anyone notice that today's fanboys are Windows users? While Mac users get work done, Windows users seem to feel the need to justify why they use or changed to Windows (kind of like Sony camera users). I'm guessing it is all that time they have to sit and watch that Blue Screen of Continual Updates that takes over their computer for 30-100 minutes at a time.

Usman Dawood's picture

Or maybe people are just getting tired of Apple and their glitter rolled crap. Maybe people are getting tired of manufacturers producing cameras with extremely minor updates. Maybe other companies are taking advantage of how the big players in the industry are dragging their heels.

You never know, Apple might start supporting Nvidia again and make their pcs from just a few years ago relevant again.

Also blue screen point made me chuckle. You haven't used a windows pc in a longggg time have you lol.