Beautiful Portraits Taken With the X-T4 and the 200mm f/2

I love longer focal lengths for portraiture, but how is the X-T4 and a 200mm f/2 for it?

Well, my first reaction was "that's going to be a little too long" and Manny Ortiz seems to share that. 200mm on a crop body has you a little too far from the model. That said, the images are beautiful. The separation of subject and background is unparalleled and it looks a lot of fun, though I suspect it would shine in street photography in particular.

The X-T4 is impressive kit and as far as crop bodies go, I'd argue its best in class. While those 200mm portrait Ortiz takes are singular, when he switches to a wider prime, it certainly gives that more intimate feel. The autofocus and Eye AF appears to be slightly improved when compared to older models, but I'd have to use it myself it know for sure.

What do you make of the X-T4? Have you ever tried taking portraits with a 200mm prime on a crop body?

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stuartcarver's picture

Haha Manny didn’t half get some grief in the comments on that video... trolls having a field day. The images look awesome with both lenses, I like the fact he included some lens flair in a couple.

Przemek Lodej's picture

Who cares about the camera...Elizabeth steals the show as always, can't take a bad photo with her as your model. :)

Brook Brown's picture

The IG grab in your article is OBVIOUSLY not 200mm x 1.5. What are we discussing here?

Brook Brown's picture

Oops! I just realized some of the others are.

Greg Wilson's picture

Well, they look just ok. Precisely like any good crop-sensor photos should look.

stuartcarver's picture

'Just Ok' in the UK is basically saying the photos are not good, not sure if that is the same in the US but if it is im not sure its called for in this case.

K G's picture

The image up top was shot using the 35 1.4, the shots he took using that were better than the ones he shot using the 200 f2, but that wouldn't be click baity enough