Canon 70D to Replace 7D & 60D; 7DII to Be "Entry Level Full Frame"

Canon 70D to Replace 7D & 60D; 7DII to Be "Entry Level Full Frame"

Amidst the leaked Nikon D600 and D400 specs, we have some rumors arising from the Canon side. The Nikon D600 is being called an entry-level full frame, so it's no wonder that Canon is also ready with their foray into this market with their revamped 7DII and replacing both the 60D and the original 7D with the upcoming 70D.

Canon Watch is reporting that "the EOS 70D (expected in September for Photokina) will move upmarket regarding features. Following the rumor, the EOS 70D should replace both the EOS 7D and the EOS 60D, becoming the top model of Canon’s APS-C line-up. An EOS 70D with more pro features, better construction and increased performance. That would mean that Canon is putting the x0D line-up under a new light, after having split the line with the 60D and the 7D."

But that's not the best part. They are also reporting that "the EOS 7D Mark II (also expected for Photokina) is said to be Canon’s rumored entry-level full-frame camera."

This comes in conjunction with a story from Canon Rumors stating that Canon has 4 more DSLRs planned for 2012.

It wasn't too long ago that we were all in the mindset that full frame was only something that a select few would either need or purchase. However, given recent speculation it appears that both Canon and Nikon are set to throw that out the window.

So Canon fans, how excited are you for this year? Apparently there is a heck of a lot more spine-tingling news still to come!

[Via Canon Watch & Canon Rumors]

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great news about the 7D II......but then I'm stuck with 3 EF-S lenses.....

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had the same problem going from my 7d to 5d3. Totally worth it though. The 24-105 covers such an awesome range. Sold my EF-S lenses to help pay for the 5d3.

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I am anxious to see what shakes out. I was getting ready to pull the credit card out for the 60D even though I covet the more versatile and robust 7D. I'll wait until September before entering the DSLR world. I am also  curious to what features an entry level 35mm DSLR has since I've been using film.

All these announcements have my head spinning! I still shoot with my Mamiya 645AFDII with 16 megapixel Leaf back and my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II film outfit. Have no plans to purchase any new cameras unless the old ones die. The camera companies have everyone under their thumb!

Why do you read them then ?

Yours was an incredibly ignorant response. I read many things I disagree with.

They don't have me under anyone's thumb. I buy the equipment because it best matches what my needs are as a photographer. If they 'had me under their thumb, I would have every possible lens that I have and only the 1ds mk IV...I don't see how his response was ignorant, I didn't see a point in you posting about your personal equipment either unless it was a comparison of stats between the 2 products.

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too bad about those EF-S lenses wait till you shell out megabucks for EF lenses

 This is why I purchased EF lenses from the beginning, I knew I would upgrade to a FF somewhere along the way.  Plus, there are many fine older EF lenses for sale, perfectly functional for far less than new.  The AF maybe a little slower, but the image quality is still excellent.

This is an old rumor.  Nothing is for sure yet either, or even a solid rumor.  We do assume Canon will release an "entry" full frame, but it will not be called the 7d mark II.  They may end the 7d line, maybe, but a full frame won't be called a 7d ii.  In addition, this rumor isn't in the wake of Nikon, this same rumor has been online for the past year.  The only difference with today is that a canon rumor mill site recapped rumors over the past year and another put some of those past year rumors together...   If Canon releases an entry full frame it won't be as feature packed as the 7d, otherwise it would be called the 5d mkii.......  If they the 7d mkii comes out, I doubt it will be this year.  I think we will see the entry full frame before then and maybe a mirror less as well.  We do know that a pretty significant 7d firmware update is due soon.....

They would say this after I just ordered a new 60D. LOL Still happy to hear about the news. 

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My only annoyance is we have to wait so damn long for these, Nikon and Canon, full frame bargains... I WANTS ONE NOW! :-) for FATHER's day! :-) HEHEHE

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anyone wanna buy my 7d???

Do you guy think that the new 70D or 7DII will take both EF and EF-S lenses like the Nikon cameras do? (The Nikon versions of course)

Entry level FF? Wasn't that the 6D? If the 7d even exist next year it will be the top dog cropped sensor.

My Predictions

70D 7D

Sensor 21 Meg 24 meg
Chip Digic 6 Dual Digic 6
New AF19 Points 61 points
Build 50D like 5d like
Card SD Dual SD
FPS 6 8 or 9
VF 98% 100%
MIDI yes Yes
WiFi No Yes
GPS No Yes
Price $1,200 $1,500