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Canon EOS R6 Firmware No Longer Available After Report of 'Fatal Bug'

Canon EOS R6 Firmware No Longer Available After Report of 'Fatal Bug'

The latest firmware for the Canon EOS R6, version 1.3.0, is no longer available after reports of a "fatal Bug" less than 24 hours after release.

UPDATE: Canon has now released version 1.3.1

Within 24 hours of release, the latest firmware for the Canon EOS R6, version 1.3.0, is no longer available after being removed from Canon;s website. It's been reported that the firmware is causing issues when shooting 1080p in 100p or 120p in cropped mode or using EF-S lenses.

New firmware for the EOS R5 and EOS 1D Mark III was also released yesterday and seems to be unaffected by any issues so far.

As reported by Canon Rumors, camera sites around the world pulled the new EOS R6 firmware yesterday and also removed promotional material regarding the firmware.

The official Canon support page for the R6 states: "Unfortunately the latest firmware version 1.3.0 for the EOS R6 is temporarily unavailable, we anticipate the firmware being available in the near future so please check back soon for your download."

While many users won't have yet downloaded and installed the latest firmware, many early adopters will now be stuck until a fix is released, unable to roll back to earlier versions. Do you use the EOS R6? Have you installed the latest firmware yet?

Let us know in the comments if you've experienced any issues.

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Salty Cremepuff's picture

Just another reminder why you should always let other people be the guinea pigs.

Brad Wendes's picture

It’s unfortunate that these days it really doesn’t pay to be an early adopter. Using the public as beta testers is too common in the tech world

Hans J. Nielsen's picture

Canon have updated the firmware to 1.3.1 that fix the problem (Hopefully without any other bugs)


Brad Wendes's picture

Glad they fixed it so quickly, a lot of people may have been quite concerned!

Stephen Strangways's picture

To me, "fatal bug" makes it sound like it bricks the camera. It make this article seem like just more disappointing clickbait.

Desmond Downs's picture

Please explain how it is "Fatal"?