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Canon EOS RP Versus the Nikon Z 5: Which One Should You Buy?

Canon and Nikon both have eminently affordable full frame cameras on offer, but which one gives you more for your money? Check out this head-to-head video to find out.

Figuring out the better option is always going to be tough: the Nikon Z 5 is the newer camera and has a number of features missing from the Canon EOS RP such as dual card slots and weather sealing. However, being a new camera, it’s also not yet been subjected to a number of price drops which, combined with a seasonal discount, mean that the RP is currently available for the insanely low price of $899.

The gents at DPReview are fairly thorough in their comparison but they do forget to mention one thing: stabilization. The Z 5 has IBIS — Vibration Reduction (VR) in the world of Nikon — which is notably absent from the RP, and for beginner photographers, having that extra bit of stability might make the difference when it comes to capturing sharp photographs.

That IBIS also makes a difference to the video. As Jordan Drake notes, the Z 5 doesn’t compromise its autofocus when you bump the resolution up to 4K, but having that stability when shooting handheld can make a significant difference.

So which of these cameras would be your choice? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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