Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony Go Head to Head in This Color Science Battle

Color science is something that pops up in camera debates from time to time. We all hear about how amazing Canon's colors are or maybe a little bit of smack talk towards Sony's color rendition, etc. Tony Northrup recently decided to apply the scientific method to the big four camera brands (Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony) to see who really has the best color, and the results honestly surprised me a lot.

In the video, Northrup likens judging color science to wine tasting. No matter how much someone claims to know what they are talking about or how perfect their sense of taste is (or in this case, sight), people will have a hard time differentiating between any two samples in a blind test. Tony prepped this quiz with straight out of camera JPEGs with auto white balance and found that as soon as people thought an image was made by a certain manufacturer, they instantly showed their bias. While I do have a small problem with his methodology (the Nikon Z7 got the white balance super warm and I feel that they should have all been set to their respective daylight presets), it is an extraordinarily fascinating video. What do you think of the results? Were you expecting Canon to end up at the bottom? All in all, it shows just how little color science matters. The difference is minute.

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>> All in all, it shows just how little color science matters. The difference is minute. <<

No, it doesn't show that. What your comment shows is that you are an overconfident ignoramus: colour science is not about defined by the getting the awb right for jpegs.

To get an idea how much more -

"...I found almost nobody considers themselves an expert"

Clearly he didn't poll the FStoppers comment section. ;)

Real world story example!
I shoot Canon. My friend shoots Sony. Both cameras preformed wonderful. Colors looked great. But then we shot this video in a badly lit warehouse. The lighting was a mix of all different types of lights ( incandescent, florescent, halogen, vapor). My Canon did really well. Skin tones held up in most shots. My friends Sony..... It crashed and burned. He was so upset that he couldn't get good skin tones even shooting the same kelvin as I was. He sold his Sony after a few other projects gave him trouble.
Moral of the story. Your cellphone can take as good a photo as my Canon 1dx mark ii (almost), but it has to be in certain setups and scenarios (aka perfect situations). This has kept me switching. Real world experiences are more important.