Canon Patents More Innovative Mirrorless Lenses

Canon has created some very innovative and impressive lenses for the RF mount, with optics like the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM pushing the boundaries of lens design and offering photographers new creative opportunities. It seems Canon is showing no signs of stopping, with several further patents for new mirrorless lenses emerging.

Canon News recently found a number of interesting lens patents for Canon's RF mount, including a 35-135mm f/2.8, 30-110mm f/2.8, and 40-150mm f/2.8. Such a lens would surely be quite popular for a wide variety of genres. Of course, Canon would never bring three such similar lenses to the market (and we might not even see any of these), as it is likely they are testing different designs to find the best of the bunch. Nevertheless, it is certainly exciting to see an f/2.8 zoom lens that covers everything from wide angle focal lengths to medium telephoto, as this would surely be an incredibly versatile device that could handle a wide variety of situations with ease. It would likely be highly useful for video work as well, allowing filmmakers to cover many different scenes with a single lens. Let's hope we see one of these eventually! 

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Adam Palmer's picture

35-130 2.8 has my attention. Pair that with an ultrawide and I could have a complete 2 lens setup. With the high res sensors I just crop these days when I need anything longer than 135mm.

Bernie Retallack's picture

Ok, crop into my 700mm f5.6 and get the same quality then...

Richard King's picture

All lenses without mirrors used within the optical pathway are mirrorless.

Using the term mirrorless for lenses is just like saying lenses are digital...

This is even more relevant as some lens designs do use mirrors.

How have Cannon pushed the boundaries of lens design and offered photographers new creative opportunities?

The only thing stopping photographers being creative, is their own lack of skill or creative vision. Can we stop pushing the narrative that the latest new shiny thing is the answer for everything.

stuartcarver's picture

But but I demand that spending £10000 on a GFX100 gets me a feature in Nat Geo... it has to, right?

Lawrence Huber's picture

Sounds like sour grapes.
These are quite exciting "Mirrorless" lenses. As everyone else knows what is meant.
I also find the 35-130 very interesting as Adam does.

Tom Reichner's picture

"Mirrorless lenses" just means lenses that are made in mounts for mirrorless cameras. They are specifically made to be paired with mirrorless bodies, with no adaptor needed. The terminology is completely fine to use and makes sense.

Did you really not know what the author meant when he used the term "mirrorless lenses"? Seems to me that you did know, and you were just looking to find fault and nit-pick at the author.

Raul Dederichs's picture

Due to the reduced flange distance in mirrorless cameras entirely new lens architecture is possible, lenses that would not possibly work on DSLRs because of the space needed for the mirror, hence these are lenses that only work on mirrorless cameras and can therefore be called mirrorless lenses, and due to the increased speed and focal range they duo enable new creative opportunities as well!