Canon Removes the Universal Hot Shoe Pin on Its Latest Release

Canon recently announced the EOS 200D Mark II, otherwise known as the SL3 as the company’s lightest DSLR. Besides being the lightest DSLR in Canon EOS range, it limits users’ abilities to use some third-party manual flashes and triggers.

The EOS 200D Mark II is just another addition to Canon’s beginner DSLR series. It comes with a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 8 processor, 9-point AF system, 4K at 25p, and full HD at 60p movie recording capability, built in a lightweight, small body with a tilt-screen. Considering its features, it can be effectively used by everyday creators and beginners who want to dive into the world of DSLR cameras. However, with this release, Canon made a significant change and removed the universal hot shoe pin, which allows the use of third-party manual flashes and triggers. The vast majority of people prefer manual flashes such as Yongnuo and other Chinese brands as a cost-effective alternative to Canon flashes. But with this design update, using these kinds of flashes won’t be available anymore with the EOS 200D Mark II. So, if you have bunch of manual flashes and are thinking about getting this camera, you should consider this change.  

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Forcing people away from Manual flashes that perform Just as good without E-TTL (which is great but no where near as accurate as manual flash since it uses the in camera meter which we all know gets fooled by just having a little extra white or black in the frame) AND since they lack this feature are much cheaper IS a problem. yes there are cheap knock offs but were talking $120 proper speedlights from other brands, that provide good build quality without the inflated brand name. heck most 3rd party brands are all making rechargeable battery packs instead of AAA's now.

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It took about five days for Godox to update the firmware for Canon compatible E-TTL triggers.

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@Mike Burke
So ? Many people use those cheap cameras for product photography with some cheap manual flashes
No need for TTL or HSS

So, now we've gotten down to people who 1) Already are into product photography 2) Have bought only bought into a system of manual flashes 3) Are looking for their next camera to be another entry crop body.

What would you guess the percentage of SL3 buyers that describes is? Decimal dust. The percentage of buyers that describes is decimal dust.

why would anyone buy this thing?!

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i just got off the phone with canon; they're gonna fix it, dude said they're on it, that it was their bad... haha

Canon have done this a long time. Look at the T7, 1500D, 2000D, 3000D, 4000D etc. It even says in the manual for those that some features of Canon’s own flashes do not work as well as third party flashes,

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Is Canon trying to go out of business in the camera market?

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Dear Canon,

Remember another 5-letter brand: Kodak...

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Saying 'Pentax' probably scares them more...

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Wow. well, it's all fun and lock-in games until third parties being to adapt and make adapters and work around the change, or people switch to another brand. If they keep it up I will get something else next time I upgrade.

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Yeah, nice move Canon. What's next? I can't wait for a serious camera competitor out of China to really mess up the Japanese domination.

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Canon users have been pleading for innovation for a long time. Canon listened, and are now coming up with especially innovative ways to further cripple their cameras!

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this move makes no sense at no level.
maybe 90% of the buyers wouldn't even think of buying a hotshoe flash. and the rest, with being tight on the budget how likly it would be that they are paying to get a totally crappy 270 ex II for 170 $ - the chance is near zero. they would all go for a cheap yongnuo or godox which are much cheaper and much more beefed up.
removing this pin is like removing the hotshoe. and maybe it is even worse, with this move canon gets again bad reputation which goes beyond releasing a crappy product. canon is the master in making you feel ripped of when buying a non top tier product from their productline. with no other company it feels so artificial crippled to get a lower tier product. this is really an achievement.

For the love of god, can we please stop making this company relevant? It's about time they followed the ways of Nokia and Blackberry.

How many days until someone comes up with an adapter?

There are 4 small contacts on The hotshoe these are all you need as there is no centrr contact this stop too musch voltage from manual flashes overloading the circiutry you must use canon flashgun not the cheap poor quality Chinese copies dont be so tight any Canon 430Ex will do dont be confused with film versions though