Canon Versus Nikon: An Overview to Help You Decide Which to Buy

Trying to decide between Canon and Nikon may seem like a no-brainer for many professionals with years of experience. For the most part, when a professional picks a certain camera manufacturer it's for the long term and they rarely switch. Previously the cost and time required to make the transition from one to another was simply not worth it, especially considering the fact that the differences in real-world use were mostly minimal. Recently, however, it seems the gap between Canon and Nikon seems to be growing with Nikon cameras being noticeably better. Jared Polin gives his thoughts on the current line up between Canon and Nikon. 

Canon's mid to high-end cameras like the 5D Mark IV and the 6D Mark II don't seem to hold up very well against the Nikon D850 and possibly even the D500. Looking at the specs on paper it would seem Nikon has Canon beat. Polin does, however, go on to discuss the differences in lenses and the type of lenses available for both systems. Personally I do believe that Canon has the better and more effective glass, but, of course, that's still up for debate. Both flagship cameras are described as being very similar in the video, however, I do have to disagree on this point as I consider the 1DX II to be one of (if not) the best DSLR currently available. This discussion can go on and on, but this latest video from Polin may be helpful to anyone that's still undecided. 

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Jonathan Reid's picture

I was excited to watch this video until I saw it was Jared "How is this guy a presenter" Polin. Skip.

Usman Dawood's picture

So mean haha. I like Jared, but, each to their own I guess.

Jonathan Reid's picture

True, he is the ultimate marmite presenter.

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All of your comments about these Sigma cameras is now making me want to test and compare them. I think I'm gonna try and get hold of one. Would you be available to help give some insight on the camera if I get hold of one, please?

I did hide brand and type of my Canifusontax cameras with black tape.

Ed Sanford's picture

It’s the photographer that makes the difference. I shoot Canon because i’ve always shot Canon. I started with a Canon Ae1 in 1980. In my film photographic life the biggest change I saw was when I migrated from 35mm to medium format and started to use Hasselblad. When I switched to digital, it was back to Canon because medium format digital just doesn’t make economic sense.

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Nikon till I die... (Or at least until they go out of business and I end up switching to Sony or something...)


With D850, Nikon has probably cannibalized the D5. Something Canon has smartly managed to distinguish themselves at. No one can ever doubt Nikon on Image Quality, but it just seems that they have too much of too many things in their line up eating up at each other. Lenses are insanely costly and not good value for money at all when compared to L. However, no one can compete the sensors in Nikon. They give so much flexibility in post.

Hope D850 brings Nikon back in the game. I still have dobts though, as Sony is inventing fast and Canon comfortably enjoying their pie of market share.

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Unless a person specifically wants to buy a DSLR to shoot video with the intention of using video autofocus as much as possible, there's really no reason whatsoever to even consider Canon's already antiquated and severely mediocre lineup. It's pretty bad that their 6D Mk II struggled to compete with a 3-year-old Nikon D750. When the D750 was released, it basically slaughtered the Canon 6D, and in fact, even the much pricier 5D Mk III. Canon really doesn't put much effort into making quality cameras, and they are very clearly desperate to protect their cinema line by making the 4K video on the 5D4 so tedious that most people won't even want to use it.
The Nikon D850 has already won camera of the year, and rightfully so. A first time camera buy who isn't already heavily invested in Canon gear would be doing themselves a huge disservice to go with any of Canon's unappealing offerings.