Chase Jarvis Says You Have Enough Gear

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Amazing! this is the type of video that fits my bill :-)

Lee Morris's picture

Says the guy with a 1dm3 ;)

Thats some good stuff right there Lee... Thanks for posting. Chase is the man you can learn a lot from him.

ahhhh... san diego california... how i miss you! lol

great video. love the pvc dolly he made.

He's got some very nice tips! That should help me A LOT on my videos to come. My favorite tip by far was the budget dolly, or even the skateboard. I'll try to make mine today, as well as a reflector that i'm planning to. I'll show you the results on my BTS video!

Great Tips, Great Commercial... Everybody happy!!!

Thks 4 d video!!!

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If Chase says I am good then I am.

Great tips, but a great adv too...