Cheap and Lightweight: A Review of the Fuji XC 35mm f/2 Lens

A cheap, portable lens with a normal focal length and relatively fast maximum aperture is one of the best lenses any photographer or videographer can own, useful in a wide variety of scenarios. This excellent video review takes a look at one such lens for Fuji shooters, the XC 35mm f/2.

Coming to you from Christopher Frost Photography, this great video review takes a look at the Fuji XC 35mm f/2 lens. At just $199, the XC 35mm f/2 is one of the cheapest lenses the company has ever put out, and at just 4.59 oz (130 g), it is barely noticeable on your camera, making it a potentially fantastic everyday walkaround lens, especially with its relatively neutral focal length and fairly fast maximum aperture. It also comes with two aspherical elements for reduced distortion and spherical aberrations and increased sharpness, a stepping motor for fast and quiet autofocus (making it good for video work), and a rounded nine-blade diaphragm for smoother bokeh. Altogether, if you are looking for a cheap and portable lens that offers a versatile design and decent image quality, it looks to be an excellent option. Check out the video above for Frost's full thoughts on it. 

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